The Primary school council

jeudi 22 septembre 2016
par  Directrice école primaire
popularité : 6%

Election of representatives of the Primary school council pupils parents.

Operation and allocation of school council

The school council makes proposals on the draft organization of the school week , school calendar, the development of the school project , the conditions for integration of disabled children , extracurricular activities , protection and security children in the school and extra-curricular framework , school hygiene and or Day ( s) of the school.

The Director shall adopt the agenda according to the proposals made to it by the board members. The school council meets at least once a quarter. The meetings take place outside school hours, for an average of six hours.

The composition of the school board

Members with voting rights :
- The director who is also the President,
- Representatives of parents,
- Teachers (parity parent / teacher will be respected)
Members without voting rights :
- The headmaster of the school
- The Chief Financial Officer
- Inspector of Education in residence,

The calendar
Thursday, september 29
Submission of applications for 18h
Friday, september 30
Meeting parents who are candidates and director to stop the lists of candidates at 16:00 pm in BCD
Monday, october 3
Publication of applications and distribution of ballots to families
Monday, october 10
Voting day (8h to 16h ) and counting of votes from 16h to 18h
Tuesday, october 11
Results announced